03 April 2007

Ouch, that hurts

We had a turn in the weather on Sunday - Saturday was lovely and sunny (although I worked outside in my coveralls and a toque), but Sunday the snow started and it was cold and wet and icy by Monday morning.

The drive to town wasn't too bad, although the city intersections were pretty slick. I skidded to a stop in the left turn lane on the second last corner before reaching my office and ... bump ... someone hit me from behind. Apparently she found the intersection slipperier than I did!

We got around the corner and pulled into the parking lot. I was stunned to see the damage to her car: she'd gone under my back bumper, and creased her hood about a foot down from the windshield, and there was a huge shattered spot in the center of the front window, from the pressure I presume. She was pretty rattled, but neither of us had any injuries and there were no passengers.

I went to the police station, filed my report, and dropped the truck at the tire shop. One of the rear springs was broken in the collision, so driving was a bit of a challenge - the steering wheel had to be held at an angle in order to go straight!

We have a chiropractor in the same building as my office, so I booked an appointment as soon as I got back to work. I'm quite sore and very, very tired, and will be getting adjustments and massage therapy for a couple of weeks at least by the sounds of things.

Thank goodness for The Boy, who is doing chores for me, and for Union Guy, who came and got me from work since I had no vehicle, and for Gram and Grandpa, who stayed at Apple Jack Creek with the Boy while I was stuck in town for the night.

And for Advil, without which I am sure I would get no sleep at all.

Time for another gel cap and off to bed ...

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  1. Anonymous8:26 am

    Ouch!! That does hurt! Especially since I was the one doing the rear-ending a couple of weeks ago. We didn't have that much car damage though, and I can't blame mine on ice . . not in Texas! I'm glad no one was seriously injured in your "bump" and pray for healing from aches and pains and for quick vehicle repairs for both parties!

    Love you, AC


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