01 April 2007

Look how well the lambs are doing!

The lambs are doing very well!

This is Crumb, one of Cookie's twins, the first lambs born here: her adorable smiling face clearly shows who her daddy is - Jack, the Southdown ram.

We weighed everyone today (well, everyone small enough to lift): the twin lambs are up to 10 pounds each; Corolla, the newest addition (Split's lamb) is 11 pounds already! Cherub is sitting at 36 pounds, which is quite respectable, especially for a bottle lamb.

On Saturday, I was outside working on some fence repairs (our fences were little more than suggestions, really) and took a moment to look around: Jack, Natalie, Brownie and Cherub were all sitting on the hill, peacefully chewing their cud. Tired from pulling fence wire and digging through a frozen mass of hay and snow, I sat down next to the sheep. Bob came to sit beside me, then Duggan came and sat on the other side. I was outdoors, surrounded by animals, in the total quiet of the countryside.

I moved to the country for moments like this.

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