20 May 2007

The Beep Barn

The Boy has always done 'rhyming slang', so Mom became Tom, Gram became Ham, and sheep became beep. Thanks to his creative speech, we have a "beep shelter".

Last summer we built a three sided shelter, which is generally sufficient for sheep even in nasty winds and winter weather - after all, they carry a big wool blanket with them wherever they go. We have more sheep now and the shelter was getting pretty crowded: when it rains, someone is always stuck outside.

With the addition of a few more fence posts, some more lumber from the scrap pile, and Union Guy's construction skills, we now have an expanded beep barn. It's still open, and it's not exactly your traditional barn structure, but it's a beep barn. The next task will be to add a fence and a gate so that we can pen everyone inside if need be.

I spent some time mucking out the winter straw that's packed down on the floor - and now I'm exhausted!


  1. Anonymous8:06 am

    Work! Work! Work!! We know that feeling!! :-) We can see an end in sight but guess there is never an end on a farm.

    Love, AC

  2. Anonymous5:24 pm

    You say you are exhausted after all that work! I get tired just thinking about all you have to do each day....and you have a full time outside job as well. Yep..I'm tired!


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