07 May 2007


This weekend's adventure was fencing off a proper pasture for the sheep.

We've had heavy rains which have softened the ground, so it was the perfect time to pound in wooden fence posts. Of course, it's still a lot of work ... just ask Union Guy, who did most of the post pounding.

Our skills with fence posts and woven wire have improved dramatically, I must say. I suppose there is no teacher like experience! We now know to build good solid H's at the corners to brace against, to weave a t-post through the fencing and then pull against the post (rather than one of the fence wires), and to use the come-along pulling against the tow hook on the truck to tighten the fence, rather than the fence tightening ratchet pulling against a fence post. We also learned that wooden posts hold up much better than t-posts, so even though are harder to pound in, they are worth the effort! And, we learned a trick for getting them in the ground easier: first pound in a metal post, remove it, and put a wooden post in where it was.

In one day, we put in 22 wooden posts, six t-posts, and built 3 H's. We pulled, tightened, stapled and wired over 200 feet of woven wire fencing and we now have a large pasture for the sheep, who are enjoying the spring grass.

This is the first step to proper pasture management on Apple Jack Creek!

Of course, there are more than fifty more posts to be put in and another 500 feet or so of fencing to put up ... but this is a good start.

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  1. Anonymous6:48 am

    Too much farming work for me! But, it is a good thing you are willing to do it or the sheep might end up on my front porch!!

    Love, AC


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