19 May 2007

New barn cats

We have new barn cats!

This is a good thing, since cats are ... well ... let's just say we need to resource for attrition around here. Our cat population fluctuates a fair bit what with coyotes, tom cats arguing over who is boss, and heavy equipment incidents.

Anyway, Diesel was looking pretty chubby earlier in the week, and then was looking skinnier today. The Boy went to the shed and heard lots of small noises, and sure enough, there in the corner, was Diesel with three kittens. A fourth didn't make it.

We're not yet sure who the father of the kittens is, but I'm thinking it might have been Ninja, as they are mostly black with white spots. We set them up with a wool-filled bed, and will let Diesel take care of them. One is definitely the runt, so hopefully that one will get what it needs and make it through the next little while ... guess we will find out!

Pretty neat.


  1. Anonymous5:51 am

    Aaaaawww...so cute. That bed sure looks comfy!

  2. Anonymous12:29 pm

    There is just nothing like new babies!! :-)

    Love, AC


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