28 May 2007

A really cool present

My aunt from Ontario (who would be my grandfather Apple Jack's daughter, Dad's sister) sent me a really cool package today!

We used to go to this little town called Frankenmuth (in Michigan) for holidays sometimes. There is a wonderful German Village feel to the place, with a glockenspiel in the town square and a restaurant that serves bread on the table in these little plastic dome covered dishes. What I remember most is the Christmas shop - it's Christmas all year round there, and I have a few very special ornaments brought all the way from there - including one that my aunt got from my favourite shop for The Boy's first Christmas!

Apparently there is also a woolen mill there (I had no idea!) and my aunt picked up some of this lovely fiber for me. The colour is called "Ocean", and it has shades of green, gray and blue all blended together. It's deliciously soft and I'm all excited about working with it! The note says "I bought some blue for you so you can have a different colour to work with for a change ... and this stuff you don't have to work to prepare." Woohoo! Coloured, prepared fiber! Only another fiber nut would understand how happy this makes me.

Hmm ... what does this fiber want to be? A hat? A scarf? Mittens? Thrummed mittens? I'll have to play with it some more and listen to what it says. :) I think it probably wants to be a couple of things - for sure it wants to be thrummed mitts.

The package also included a variation on the thrummed mitten pattern that I had sent (along with some fleece from my pile of "wool waiting for a place to go") awhile back. My aunt has made far more progress than I have: I've got one mitt finished (and haven't started it's buddy yet) and she's managed to complete 3 mitts and evolve a new pattern! I'll have to give her pattern a try: maybe it is immune to that "second mitten syndrome" that mine is suffering from.

Yippeee! More fiber! Thanks Auntie Sharon!


  1. Anonymous5:32 am

    Isn't that awesome?? I brought my friend some yarn back from our trip to Eastern Canada and she was just thrilled to have "something" (especially yarn) from Canada!! I'm excited for you!!

    Love, AC

  2. Anonymous1:42 pm

    I love thrumb mittens... hopefully I get a new pair soon *hint to Mom*.

    Anyway, small correction - Frankenmuth is in Michigan! Super fun - go there once a year.


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