13 November 2011

Exhausted and wide awake

It is very strange to be completely exhausted and at the same time full of an odd, formless sort of energy.

I find myself driven to work on too many projects, I start something, walk away and come back an hour later realizing I had completely forgotten what I started. I can’t get myself to bed at night or to sleep once I get there … but at the same time, I am worn out and weary. I have multiple books on the go and can’t concentrate on any of them. I hesitate to even count the number of knitting projects I have on the needles.

It’s the effects of adreanalin poisoning, I suppose. It will pass, it’s all part of the journey.

I think I’ll knit. It’s productive, uses up some of the energy, but allows my body to rest.


  1. Anonymous4:36 pm

    I find a walk outside or on the treadmill....something mindless but energy consuming helps tire the body to catch up with the tired mind. I sooo relate to your dilema.
    Keep the faith

  2. cricketwings7:59 pm

    That's exactly like me! I think it's partly the time of the year, despite the crispness in the air. But it's very draining, isn't it?


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