08 November 2011

Hearts ease

Looking at the targeted release date for the book, it occurs to me that I had better get working on the finishing touches for the knitting patterns that are to be included with each chapter.

Which, of course, means that the knitting projects should be ready for finishing touches … which some of them are not. In fact, there’s one chapter that is waiting for a new project design: I changed my mind about what to include there, and thus created the need for a brand new shawl pattern. Which doesn’t yet exist.

I recently made a Danish tie-shawl using a pattern that a very clever lady figured out based on a shawl she found in a museum. It’s wonderful: it wraps right around your chest and ties in the back, keeping the tails of the shawl safely out of the way (I call it a kitchen-safe shawl, since you don’t have to worry about the ends dragging in the soup or getting singed by the fire). The crossover in front really warms your body, too, it’s like having a vest on, but with the comfort and variability of a shawl.

Knitting this style of shawl is also great fun, because you knit the long border first. It’s a narrow strip of fabric, very simple lace, and it goes quickly because it isn’t very many stitches, meaning you really feel like you’re getting somewhere fast (and, indeed you are). There’s a little bit of tricky work at the corner, then more edging, then you change gears completely and work the centre in mostly garter stitch. Just as you start to get bored of garter stitch, it’s time to knit the top border and before you know it, you are finished.

Of course, in order to be finished, one must begin. And so today’s job is to get the border pattern figured out, charted, and knit, including the tricky bit at the corner.


I have a ways to go. I’d better get back at it!

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