17 February 2012

The books are here!

Three boxes of books arrived today by Canada Post.

The preorders are packed up and ready to go in the mail!

Want one?

Order yours here and I’ll put it in the mail for you!


  1. I hope you are bursting with pride right now, as you deserve to be, and I hope this book sells like the proverbial hotcakes!! You are the proof that 'what does not kill us makes us stronger.' Huge 'high 5's and hugs from here!

  2. Thanks, Skipper! It's really exciting. I can't quite believe it ... I wrote a book! People will read what I wrote, knit from the patterns I designed, and hopefully be encouraged by the story. That's just mind boggling.

    In so many ways I didn't have much choice - the story demanded to be written, the patterns insisted that they be designed and knit and published ... so having it done is also a huge relief. :)

    Can't wait to hear back from people who've read the book, and see the projects people make from the patterns. It's really a privilege to be part of people's lives this way.

  3. So many congrats lady! I'm excited to get to read it.

    Just FYI, I added your book to Goodreads. :)

  4. Oh cool! I just found Goodreads the other day, what a great site. Thanks for adding the book there!


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