20 February 2012

New book about supported spindle spinning

With the most creative marketing blurbage I’ve ever seen! (There are testimonials from Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, Shakespeare and Einstein.)

And because it comes with videos, it’s too big to be a conventional eBook … so it ships on a USB key! Is that not cool?

Even if you aren’t interested in spindle spinning, check it out, just for the sheer entertainment value: Fleegle Spins Supported


  1. Thanks for the blurb!

  2. Anonymous2:10 pm

    This book is perhaps one of the best spindle books ever out there, and it has a wealth on content that pertains to more than just support spindles, such as fiber type, fiber prep, drafting techniques, yarn issues, plying, and tons more. She writes with delightful humor, has some of the best explanations I've seen for things we have all had to figure out. There are lots of excellent photos, and the 25 videos are excellent - close-ups with no distracting blotchy or busy backgrounds, real time and slow motion, and short, sweet and to the point! Support spindle content includes the various kinds, what to look for, who makes them, words from each maker as to why they've designed them like they did, and how to use them, including drafting, spinning them, winding the cop, winding off, plying, and more. She didn't miss anything! There are 6 Gb of information altogether. Awesome!


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