18 February 2012


For today’s productive adventure, after cleaning the kitchen counters and making a giant fire-truck shaped cookie for The Reluctant Farmer’s birthday lunch (it ended up more like cake, but nobody really complained), I sat down to spin up some alpaca.
I combed this on my Louet Mini Combs, then spun it from the poofs that resulted (I didn’t diz the fibre out into rovings). The fleece is incredibly soft and fine – this is a prize-winning alpaca fleece that I was asked to spin, it’s really very lovely. The gray is subtly variegated from white to silver to dark gray with a few flecks of brown and the resulting yarn is beautifully textured. I spun this for loft and softness, rather than fine and shiny, though the fleece could do either. I need to ply this and see how the finished yarn looks, but it certainly feels soft on the bobbin!


  1. Anonymous6:37 pm

    looks great! One of the things your dad recognized at the Home Hardware museum was a wool winder; well that's what he says it is - very old & of course he said how much you would like it - NONE of the items were for sale!

  2. That's working up so nicely! Looks like you have found just the right touch for that lovely fleece.

  3. It's got quite a lot of halo to it ... we'll see how it looks plied. I think it's going to end up much like the Peter Rabbit angora I worked with. Only it probably won't get up my nose as badly.


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