20 February 2012

More spinning

Apparently I was in a spinning mood.

I found some black curly long staple wool that someone gave me ... don't remember what it was, but it was lovely. Combed and carded that, blended in some red soy silk (I think it’s soy silk, might be one of the other similar things, but it’s bright red and very shiny) and spun that up into a fairly thick single (well, ‘fairly thick’ for the CPW).

Then I spun up another bobbin of black suri alpaca/cashmere that my sister and brother in law gave me for my birthday and plyed them together.

Voila, yarn.

What does it wanna be? 200 g total, fairly loosely spun and plied.

1 comment:

  1. Like quilting, I think the art of spinning is just one of those arts I'm going to admire in others. That's beautiful wool.


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