18 March 2012

Book Launch Party

Yesterday, there was a small book launch party hosted by a fibre friend of mine who lives in town (a far more convenient location for a party than way out here in the middle of nowhere, to be sure).

A bunch of spinners and knitters came, and my best friend – who does not knit, or spin, and is allergic to most animal fibres - showed up and bravely joined in. Enabling efforts were put into high gear as everyone explained that you can spin cotton, or tencel, or bamboo, and oh my, what about silk? Get her a copy of of No Sheep for You, and she’ll be on her way! Carpal tunnel problems? Bamboo needles and circulars. No room in your house? Check out the travel wheels.

After listening to the high-speed conversation about the shawls in Just Keep Knitting – including a rapid-fire discussion of yarns, stitches, needle sizes and construction techniques – my non-knitting friend shook her head and said, “Now I know how people feel when they are trying to keep up with you and I having a conversation … whoa! This is great … but wow, I’m gonna cut people more slack next time they point out how fast we’re talking!”
We spun, we had soup and cheese and pickles and cakes and cookies and crackers and wine and lemonade and Irish beer, and then one of our friends showed up after playing her morning St Paddy’s Day pipe band gig … and we got to have bagpipe music!

Now tell me, do you know *any* other authors who get bagpipe music at their book launch parties?
I feel so blessed and lucky to have such awesome friends. Thanks everyone for sharing in the joy of the completion of this project – whether you attended the party or not, I’ve had such wonderful support and encouragement from everyone, and it means a lot to me.
The next book will be more cheerful, I promise … and it’ll have more fibre and knitting projects, too!

Oh yes, I must also mention that as of yesterday, exactly one month from the arrival of the printed books, the revenue from eBook + paper book sales has put us into the black … and, more books will be on order as of next week!
Thank you for supporting your local writer!


  1. Wonderful! Good friends are a gift. Being in the black is a gift. Bagpipe music (in small doses, and outdoors) is a gift. You are blessed!

  2. Congrats on the launch and especially about being in the black already! Yay! Wish I could have been there spinning with you all. I LOVE bagpipes! (BTW those are Scots Highland pipes. Irish ones are elbow-pumped. But they're all good.)

  3. Anonymous7:24 pm

    How fitting that the bagpipes were from Scotland - part of your heritage. Your Gram would have been impressed with it all!

  4. Congrats on being 'in the black!' And ... I love that you are already talking about 'the next book!' :-)

  5. Thanks, everyone! I am most definitely blessed by good friends and good fortune. And bagpipe music (in small doses, and outdoors). :D

    I did think about Gram when the pipes played. She'd have been proud of me, I think, and that makes me happy.

    And yup ... the next books is marinating in my head as I type!


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