25 March 2012

April 21: Author Visit at Darwell Library

On the afternoon of April 21, 2012, I’ll be speaking at the Darwell Public  Library – first at 1 pm, then again at 3 pm.

Do stop by, if you can spare the time – and if you knit, spin, crochet, embroider, cross stitch, or work on any other kind of reasonably portable handiwork, please feel free to bring it along! Far from distracting me, I find it encouraging to see people working in the audience while I talk. :)

I’ll be speaking about the process of writing Just Keep Knitting, reading a few short excerpts from the book, answering audience questions, and signing books (which will be available for purchase). I will also have all the knitted projects from the book with me, so that people can see the finished items and to serve as a focal point for discussing the healing nature of craft and creativity.

Come by if you can – we are about an hour west of Edmonton or St Albert. The library is just south of the four way stop that is Darwell:  it’s the blue building at the northernmost end of the complex of structures that includes the Golden Age Hall, the Darwell Hall, and the library. I’d love to see you there!


  1. I hope to be at the library in Darwell to meet you and hear you speak. We live on 40 acres just east of Onoway with 5 horses 3 ponies, 1 donkey, 5 goats a llama, 2 guardian dogs, 2 house dogs and a cat.
    I have PTSD, ADHD, Severe Depression, as well as anxiety disorder etc. I take a number of medications however when I start to get anxious I get desperate to do something with my hands.
    I do know how to knit a dish cloth in string from grade 7 but that's it.
    Would you consider starting a knitting circle for a small group of people like me that need this to learn how to knit as well as help our mental health?

  2. There is a series of knitting classes running at the Darwell Library right now - they are halfway through by now, but they'll be running again I am sure. That's a great environment in which to learn - very supportive and not a large group. I think the Onoway library may run them sometimes too ... it's worth keeping an eye on the paper for the postings!

    My resources are too limited to commit to a knitting group, but there is some talk of one starting up in this general area ... check the Edmonton Knitters forum on Ravelry, those of us who are out this way post there as well and when there is a gathering or if a knitting group starts up, it'll be announced there for sure. I'll try to post about any local opportunities I hear about too. :)

    Also, you might pick up some good yarn (not cheap acrylic, a decent wool or wool blend) and some needles and give it a go on your own - you'd be surprised. That's how I learned, and now, with YouTube videos to help, it's even easier. You may surprise yourself with what you can do with a book, some needles and some yarn!

  3. Anonymous8:16 pm

    Where is the library exactly?

  4. You can get directions from the Library website (http://www.darwellpubliclibrary.ab.ca/) ... basically, it is on the southeast corner of the four way stop that is Darwell, which is at the intersection of secondary highways 765 and 633.


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