06 March 2012

The radio interview on knitting as therapy: live!

I did a radio interview with a station in the UK early in February, and I just now located the posted interview … if you’d like to hear me talking about how I got into knitting, how the book came to be, and how I think knitting helps us cope with difficulties, well, have a listen! (It does end rather abruptly -  but that really is the end ... the full radio show will be posted later on, it's not quite done yet.)
Also, there’s a few other posts on that blog about knitting and therapy – including a question that needs your input.

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  1. I just managed to listen to your interview. Well done! I love how personal your story is and your ability to speak so freely about it.

    I also think there is definitely a need for popular culture to more readily accept the need for God in their lives. You are very clear in your comments about spirituality and it's great that your interviewer allowed that freedom to speak about it.


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