06 March 2012

Tweaks to the blog

A few minor changes made today …
There are now a variety of options for following the blog:
  • you can have new posts emailed to you (Follow by Email, in the green sidebar on the right)
  • you can join with Google Friend Connect (also in the green sidebar on the right)
  • or look for the RSS feed icon (an orange square with curving white lines radiating from lower left corner) to add the feed to your reader (in Google Chrome browser, this is at the far right of the address bar up top)
I’ve also removed the CAPTCHA verification on comments, so hopefully it’ll be a bit easier to leave your thoughts here – I am still keeping comment verification in place, because spam happens and none of us want to be bothered with that nonsense (in fact, I just had to delete one), but I usually put comments through within a day or so of you posting them.

And, below the posts there are now buttons to click, like on Ravelry, to indicate your reaction to the post! I’m excited to see how those work … they look cool, anyway. There's also one-click buttons to email the post to someone, to share it on Facebook or Twitter or your own blog.

So go ahead – tell me what you think!

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