07 March 2015

Playing in the dirt

The south slope  in front of the house has melted.  I have plans to terrace the yard space this summer, making it more useful (and less treacherous in rainy weather... It's quite steep).

There's a fair bit of dirt to move around... A hill to transfer into a low spot, lots of digging. Once you are through the quack grass layer you hit clay... There's a reason I've decided on container gardening. 

As I was making my yardscape plans this winter, I remembered that I have a couple of fountain pumps. And a water trough with a hole melted in it (yeah, don't ask)... So I decided that what our yard really needs is a fountain.

Trough + poly  + dirt + fountain pump + driftwood  + dirt + moss transplanted from the ditch.

It'll look better with more rocks and some greenery. And maybe a solar submersible light.

I love it. 

I had so much fun digging in the dirt today!

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