19 August 2006

A day at the fair

This weekend is the local county fair.

We have been very busy and had a great time! The Boy was going to show his bunny Cappuccino, but of course, that didn't work out. :( He took an understudy in her place: Mikan the cat took third place in the long haired cat group ... out of three contestants, but hey, it was fun anyway.

The other fun for today was the acquisition of two new animals: a new kitten, named Diesel and a new bunny, who as yet has no name.

Here's The Boy with Diesel (and Gram on the phone in the background!)

Those of you who have been paying attention will remember that we had a calico cat named Diesel when we lived in the shed ... we've decided that we'll stick with a core set of cat names, and reuse them as we feel appropriate. Orange cats will be called Mikan, calico cats will be Diesel, gray ones Moke ... but hopefully only one of each at a time, or we'll have to get creative and come up with some more!


  1. Anonymous1:35 pm

    Was Diesel ready to have his picture taken or what??? Look at him sitting up straight and eyes wide open! :-) It is hard to keep up with all the animals! We may need a time line so we can remember who came and/or left when!! :-)

    Love you, AC

  2. Anonymous9:42 pm

    who's the old lady in the back????

    Big Tex!!


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