08 August 2006

Miracle of the Week: Bob is found!

Today I followed up on Neighbour's sighting of Bob, I stopped at a few houses and left my number hoping someone would see him and call.

It worked!

The lady at one of the houses I stopped at was heading out and saw him sitting in the ditch. Her husband caught him, they called me, and Bob was tied up when I got there - looking very bedraggled and skinny but no injuries.

He wagged his tail with relief when he saw his sheep and the home pen. He sniffed at everything and lay down in a heap of exhaustion. He hasn't even had a drink or anything to eat - I'm sure he'll decide to do that in a bit.

Oh, what a huge relief to have him back. St Francis, patron saint of animals, must have been watching out for Apple Jack Creek this week!


  1. Anonymous6:10 am

    Just checking in to see if Bob is still hanging out at home or if he is out roaming again!

  2. You bet! He has been enjoying the hand delivered meals and the comfort of a straw bale at bedtime. :)

    Yesterday I was at the office and everyone stayed where they were supposed to be while I was gone. The last two nights I've been locking everyone up at bedtime - this morning Bob was inside the yard, but outside the sheep pen (I still haven't figured out how he does that) but that's deemed "acceptable". :)


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