20 August 2006

The new bunny

Ahh, finally time to sit down for a few minutes and write about life at Apple Jack Creek.

My parents have been here for the past week, they departed this morning for a month at a cottage where they will rest and recover from all the hard work they've been doing lately. Their new house is 30 minutes from Apple Jack Creek, and they will be taking over the last bit of construction from the contractor in late September, then moving in. It was nice to have them here - and they brought The Boy back with them! He thoroughly enjoyed his summer on the Island with his grandparents, but it's good to have everyone back in their usual places.

Yesterday was the county fair, which we really enjoyed. There was a parade with fire trucks and floats and kids on decorated bikes and people on horseback, and they threw candy at the spectators! Union Guy brought his kids out for the morning and they thought this was tremendous ... city parades don't toss candy any more, apparently it's a liability risk. Ah well, you can do things differently in the country! We had a free pancake breakfast, watched team penning, checked out all the sheep and pets, and found our new bunny and kitten. All in all, it was a very exciting day!

The bunny is still very small and shy, which is to be expected for such a young one. She (he?) spends her time snuggled into a safe corner of the large rabbit hutch that Cappuccino lived in. We closed off the door to the outside for now, so that the rabbit has a chance to get used to her surroundings and get more comfortable (and bigger) before venturing out into the wider yard of the chicken pen.

We're still not certain of a name, but here is a picture: got any suggestions?

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