15 May 2013

Bob the Dog is on the mend

Bob’s surgery went well today!

The vet said that his body was already starting to reject the tumour growth, shoving it outwards. Nicely encapsulated on the underside, easy to get out, and he is now lump-free. A sample has been sent off to a lab for tests to fully identify what it is, mostly so that if we end up seeing something similar in a little while, we’ll know for sure what we are dealing with and can take appropriate action. But, he’s home, he’s slightly stoned and a bit woozy still, but he’s home and seems quite content.

Yay Bobbie! Yay Dr Sarah and team!

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  1. Yay! I'm sure that's one less worry you have on your mind. Who needs it when you've got sheep and other livestock and spring to take care of!


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