06 May 2013

Sunny day

Sweepin' the clouds away...

Actually it is a bright, cloudless, sunny day it's supposed to get up to a rather toasty 29C today, so I am postponing more outside work until it cools a little.

I have finished my daily chores, got a load of wash just about ready to go out on the line, and I've had my coffee on the front step.

I'm just pondering what to put on the loom next ... I have lots of wool for coats, and I'm contemplating a shorter jacket so I might do that today. Or I could warp up for some tea towels. Haven't quite decided yet. :)

Maybe after I get the wash hung up to dry I'll have it figured out!


  1. It's a gorgeous day today, but you're right - maybe a bit hot for yard work or heavy labour. I'm already feeling a bit behind on the gardening front. Sigh...

  2. Yeah, I'd have melted if I tried to work outside in the hot sun and warm air. It's supposed to cool off in the next few days, so easy enough to just rearrange the schedule a bit. My garden is in dire need of some digging time but, well, there's just so much that needs doing!
    I did end up warping the loom for another coat. Kind of weird to weave heavy wool clothing at 30 degrees C, but if I want to have some stock for a fall craft show, I gotta get it on the loom!


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