12 May 2013

Work with the weather

Ya gotta work with the weather if you wanna get stuff done and not suffer too badly.

Today it’s warm, but a little overcast and not too hot so I did some of the outside jobs: got the washout at the culvert repaired well enough that I could drive the quad and trailer across to get hay without falling into the creek; filled up the trailer with hay and got it brought back for the sheep and cows; moved some more wood from the old wood pile to the new wood shed; took down most of the old fence around the garden, stripped off small branches and kept the centre straight tree branches/trunks for use in the new version of the fence; did a little bit of thinking about the south yard terracing that needs to be done; put a trellis in the raised bed by the patio door so that I can plant a climbing something or other in there; read up on how to propagate hops, because hops is a climbing something or other and I could maybe put that in; moved the water storage cube underneath a different downspout (and climbed a ladder and moved the water spout so it drains directly into the tank now), the new location is a little higher in elevation and will work better as the water source for the more-or-less-automatically-refilling-summer-water-trough I have planned for the pastures, once we get the fences reworked; moved the outlet for the sump pump so that it will spill water onto the newly planted trees along the road instead of draining into the pasture; changed the sheets on the Small People’s beds and washed the sheets that were taken off; set the table for dinner … and now I need to go *make* dinner.

The wind picked up about 20 minutes ago, after I came inside, so my timing was good today. It’s always nicer to work outside when the weather is pleasant!

It was supposed to rain this week, but I see the forecast has been changed and it’s looking to stay dry again. We really need some moisture … there’s been a few drops fall from the overcast sky today but nothing you’d actually call *rain*, not even enough to warrant putting a coat on. I may need to give some more thought to irrigation strategies. Hmmm.

Okay, off to make dinner!


  1. Yeah.

    That may have been a strategic error, though. I'm pretty achey now!


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