24 July 2013


Pacing is key to success in a lot of things: running a marathon, riding the Tour de France, working on a big project … getting through every day life.

I’ve been running a bit too hard lately, I think – the nightmares and really weird dreams are increasing in frequency, I’m having more and more trouble sleeping, and the chest pain is back. Yep, that’d be a sure sign that I’ve overtaxed the system and it’s time to slow things down!

It’s hard to slow down though – there is so much that needs doing, fences that need to be fixed, feeders to build, dinners to make, dishes to wash, laundry to hang up … the list is long. But, if I do a few things off the list each day and then SIT MY BUTT DOWN for awhile, I’ll be in better shape.

It’s just hard to actually *rest* when there is so much staring at me that needs doing.

Maybe if I try and tell myself this vest really needs doing, I will sit and knit on it instead of worrying about all the other things on my list. I do like how it’s coming along, the shaping along the sides is really neat. Short rows are magical.

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