15 July 2013

Today I have …

- slept for eleven hours (in two parts, but still: I woke up at 6 and with effort I got back to sleep … since I don't normally sleep past 9:00, even if I went to sleep really late the night before, I must have needed it badly)
- had interesting dreams which I wrote down when I woke up
- read up on Jungian-style dream analysis techniques and applied those to the aforementioned dream (I know it sounds really weird but I do a lot of work in my dreams and I just *knew* this one had something important to tell me, even though it wasn’t at all obvious: breaking it down into symbols and retelling it as a fairytale uncovered some interesting ideas)
- took care of a sick sheep (got her into the barn, gave her dewormer and anti-scour meds, syringe fed her some water and gave her most of a tube of oral glucose)
- mucked out the barn while keeping one eye on the sick sheep (barn is now about half cleared, and the sheep had perked up considerably and was nibbling grass and drinking water from a dish by the time I came in for dinner)
- had taco salad for dinner

I am now in the recliner pondering what to do next. The vest I’m working on is about 2/3 of the way finished, I may do some more knitting. I might also do some spinning, as I’m getting behind on my Tour de Fleece goals! I’ll see how I feel – I’m a bit stiff from shovelling all that muck!

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