11 July 2013

The Fragility Index

It seems to me that it would be a public service to those around us if we could have a kind of warning sign, and indicator of our risk of collapse / freak out / bursting into tears / going into withdrawal / tipping over the edge into whatever form our particular brand of crazy might take.

So, I made some images, kind of like the ones you see at the provincial park to indicate the risk of forest fire – low, moderate, high, very high, extreme, and critical.

Feel free to use them on your Facebook, your blog, a t-shirt, a magnet on the fridge … wherever you think they might help.








  1. Think it would be effective to print them out, trim them to size, and then affix the appropriate one to my forehead? (I know I'm joking about serious things, and don't mean any harm--I do wish that (for my family's sake) we had some sort of early warning system.)

  2. Anonymous4:05 pm

    At least with PMS you can mark it on the calendar and they can check!! LOL... It would be so good if we knew the Fraglity index of those closest to us!

  3. I'm trying to figure out how to make a t-shirt with a moveable arrow on it, wouldn't that be awesome? :)

    I figure it's a public service to let other people know when you aren't really feeling all that resilient - that way they can make an educated decision about how far they wanna push you that day! One of my coworkers used to say "oh, so today would be a good day to ask you for that change I wanted, right? because you will be too tired to argue!"
    Sometimes, he was right! :D

  4. Brilliant! And... nice to catch up on reading your blog, I haven't stopped by for awhile. :-)

  5. You could make a button or broach with an arrow on it so that you can adjust your index on a t-shirt.


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