16 July 2014

Natural hair treatment for Frazzleheads

My sister sent me a link to this Instructables page … and I knew right away this was something I had to try.

The article writer has curly, frizzy hair very much like mine, and the transformation when she used the flax seed hair gel was incredible! I knew I had to experiment.

I boiled up some flax seed in water (and added some chammomile and orange tea, because I had them here and they smell nice), let it cool for about an hour, then filtered the whole gloopy mess as per the instructions.

I showered, washed my hair, towelled it dry and massaged the gel (which is the consistency of regular store gel) into my hair, combing it through with my fingers (no brush or comb). I twisted it up into the clip I keep my hair in over night (so that I’m not lying on soggy wet hair after I’ve washed it, and so that the rest of the time I don’t end up with hair in my mouth or pinned under my husband’s elbow in the middle of the nigh - which causes me to wake screeching, and that isn’t good for anyone).

Sure enough, it was a bit crunchy in the morning, but a few scrunches and a bit of fluffing with my fingers and it was all good. The curls stay in their locks, they don’t frizz out, even when I wear a hat and work in the hot sunshine for an hour! It’s incredible!

Photo 2014-07-16, 8 57 03 PM

That is after being slept on and generally ignored for a day. A hot muggy day.


This is just a low resolution webcam shot, but you can see the locks by my forehead are still in lovely perfect little ringlets … usually by this time of day they are starting to frizz out in a big way. Had I put in a little more gel last night, you’d see even better curl definition – but for a quick-and-dirty hair treatment, this is fantastic.

It leaves my hair feeling really soft, it’s completely natural and won’t do nasty things to my skin, my hair, or my septic system. Flax seed is incredibly cheap and a quarter cup makes enough gel to last me for oh, I don’t know, probably eight or ten washings. The tea should help lighten (or at least brighten) my hair a bit, and the orange tea just plain smells nice.

I am very, very pleased. My sister says she doesn’t even remember what triggered this to show up in her random surfing, but I am sure glad she found it! What an amazing thing for Frazzleheads like me.

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  1. Anonymous8:54 pm

    Wow - can't tell if it is the photo but I like the toned down color... now wondering how soon I'm gonna' need this.. I sure didn't look great when we got back from hiking today and i did NOT have my hat but did go to Lakeside for coffee with Dad!


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