06 July 2014

Unscheduled drug holiday

There is no Prazosin available. Anywhere. There is a manufacturer's shortage and everyone is all out for some unknown length of time.

I spread out what I had as long as I could, but I'm all out now. And I can tell. 

There's a substitute, and I see the psychiatrist Thursday, so I'll get a prescription for that stuff and try it out. Apparently it doesn't work quite as well, but hey, I'll take it. 

It is very clear that I need the chemical assistance to keep my neuro chemistry in balance. I'm back to being jittery and tired, finding it hard to talk, needing to concentrate hard on staying relaxed. 

The sertraline is keeping the Mean Girls quiet, though. I'm able to just take it easy ... I know it's only for a little while, and so I adjust the to do list to fit my energy. 

I did start a new shawl design. :)

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