11 July 2014

Simply Comfortable: new shawl design

At Fibre Week two years ago, my friend pulled this gorgeous naturally dyed yarn out of her basket and I exclaimed “Oh! I need that!” … so she gave it to me.

It wanted to be a shawl. Definitely. But the yarn got put away and forgotten until we were clearing out the fibre room this week.

It still wanted to be a shawl.

I obliged.

Photo 2014-07-11, 12 11 59 PMPhoto 2014-07-11, 12 11 07 PM

You can make one just like it, if ya want … the pattern is free, and as long as you can knit, purl, yarnover, knit two together and knit two together through the back loop (which is easy, but you could substitute a plain knit two together, nobody’ll notice), you can do this. Minimal counting. No stitch markers needed. 675-725 metres of worsted weight yarn, a 9 mm circular needle, and you’re off to the races.

Help yourself. It’s called Simply Comfortable, and it’s available as a free download from Ravelry.

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  1. Anonymous12:55 pm

    Very nice - you were very blessed to be given this gift and you've turned it into a beautiful piece of work!


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