09 January 2016


Sasha still isn't quite sure about this new member of the barnyard family. 

The temperature has dropped considerably and he was shivering so he is back in the barn with a heat lamp to give a smidgen more warmth. I warmed his milk, too, which seemed like a good idea. 

In other news, I used the cream separator that my friend gave to me, and then drank fresh milk and made delicious butter. 

Been a while since I made butter, but I remembered!


  1. I hope Sasha takes to him soon - does he have a name? NOT deepfreeze - like Dawn's friend had to live with!!

  2. No name yet... I'll be letting The Small People have a say, they arrive Wednesday!

    Sasha isn't quite sure who he is and she is still in "protective momma mode". We will see better once it warms up (tomorrow and the rest of the week).


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