08 January 2016

We have a calf

..  Though not through the expected means. 

Sasha calved on Wednesday, without making any noise so we didn't realize anything had happened. I went out mid morning and there she was with a dead bull calf. Not sure if he even got up, he didn't look like he had stretched out. 

Regardless, he was gone. Sasha looked around for him a little but seemed fairly unaffected. Which is good, really. 

After some pondering we decided to purchase a dairy bull calf: by the time he is breeding age it'll be a good time for Sasha to start a pregnancy (i.e. so we don't have a January calf again) and he can head off to freezer camp once his job is done. 

We get beef, a sire for the next calf (maybe two, depending how he grows and when he gets cranky), and a buddy for Sasha and Miss May. 

So far everyone is just settling in, locked up in the barn. Tomorrow I'll arrange better introductions. 

He is awfully cute. 

Better pictures tomorrow. :)

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  1. I just wanna' hug him!! Oh right - I'm his grandma!! LOL


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