18 May 2006

The chickens are here!

The chickens arrived today!

We had a busy day - we had to go load flowers for the 4-H flower sale, then we came home, kicked the dog out of his kennel and hustled over to Cousin Neighbours to pick up the chickens. Three grownups and two kids climbed into their coop and chased and captured birds. Nine chickens were then stuffed unceremoniously into a beagle sized dog kennel! The dog is going to really wonder why it smells so weird in there...

We unloaded the chickens back home in the new coop and they started wandering around exploring their new digs. They came with a feeder that hangs from the ceiling, and water jugs and golf balls to "suggest" to the hens that they lay their eggs in the nest boxes and not wherever they find a patch of straw, so we got everything set up, took a bunch of pictures, and got out of their way.

Of course, city raised girl that I am, I have no clue what breed any of these are. I'm going to have to look at a chicken book and see if I can figure it out. Cousin Neighbour just said they are black chickens, and red chickens, and a white chicken. Helpful! :)

The rooster sure is gorgeous though, eh? He looks like all the pictures of roosters in story books. Now if THAT doesn't sound like something a city chick would say....

Here they are, all up on the roosts for the night. I hope they have a good rest and Rooster Man doesn't decide to start crowing at 4 am!

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