10 May 2006

Successful trim experiment

My Cousin Neighbour's house is all done with plain trim - just 2, 3 or 4 inch flat pine, stained and finished. I did have 'normal baseboards' that came with the house package, but with the 6 inch pine boards on the walls, the 2 inch standard trim looked a little ... well ... I suppose "weak" might be an appropriate descriptor. It just didn't seem to have the solidity to accent the big boards, so I thought I'd try out some flat 3" pine trim.

This is the result of the preliminary experiment in my room: it actually doesn't blend in quite as much as it seems to in this picture, but with the flash and the backlighting things kind of wash out a bit. Regardless, I think that in the rest of the house I may want to try a darker stain so that the trim stands out a little more and doesn't blend right into the wall. These windows will be covered in drapes for the most part anyway, and besides, I didn't have any other stain handy. ;) One more small job, tackled and done!

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