01 May 2006

Yes, I'm still here!

It was a really crazy weekend - I had totally forgotten about the 4H farm tour on Friday night, so we had a bit of a scheduling nightmare getting to where we had to be for six o'clock. The tour was great fun though, we got to see everyone's acreage and their critters: we met sheep and goats and turkeys and chickens and horses and enjoyed ourselves tremendously despite the stress of getting there.

Saturday was my friend's wedding, so when we finished the farm tour, we came home, packed up our stuff and headed to the city. Union Guy was fast asleep by the time we arrived, but we snuck in quietly and managed not to wake anyone. The wedding was at twelve thirty, so we were able to sleep in a bit before it was time to go. The service was beautiful, and it was held in the basilica downtown with gorgeous stained glass windows and very old fashioned architecture. We ran errands in the afternoon, then headed to the reception where we enjoyed good food and helped to celebrate.

Once all that was done, we had Sunday to catch up on all the things we'd actually meant to do Friday ... and then it was time to start a new week.

Not much got done at home, although we did stop at Ikea on Saturday and pick up the mirror and shelf that match the bathroom fixtures, and Union Guy installed them on Sunday. Today was grocery day after work, so it was late by the time I reached home and nothing's getting done around here this evening.

However, today was yoga day and I feel wonderful after that sort of work out!

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