23 July 2007

Construction on the North Wing

Construction on the North Wing continued last week. The Reluctant Farmer's parents came from Saskatchewan to help with the building, and my parents came over to assist as well.

As you can see, the dads got along famously! The moms helped out with meals and did some touring in the area, and the end of the week saw all the exterior walls up and sheathed, the interior walls all framed and in place, and the north wing ready for trusses.

Today's good news is that trusses can be ready in a month - woohoo!

The Reluctant Farmer spent today working on the temporary electrical box that will allow us to connect to the grid: grid power is cheaper than the gasoline required to run our backup generator, and the sun just isn't quite enough to power the house (especially not with the addition). It'll be wonderful not to need to fill up jerry cans every other day, and to have quiet evenings without the roar of the generator in the background. With the solar panels and wind generator (yes, that will be installed before too much longer) we will be much less reliant on grid power, but it will be awesome not to have to worry quite so much about running out of fuel on a dark, chilly day.


  1. Anonymous6:00 am

    Thanks for the update!!! I love to see progress!! What did we do before blogs? Take pictures, wait to get them developed, finally get them in the mail and wait the two weeks for them to be delivered to Texas!! :-) By then it was all history!!

    Love, AC

  2. Anonymous6:09 pm

    more power, poooooooooooower


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