23 July 2007

Working on Gram and Grandpa's garage

Gram and Grandpa are building their garage, now that the weather dried up enough to get concrete poured and the walls put up.

On Sunday we went to help put the sheathing on the roof - we had a very productive (if extremely hot) work day. We got the whole thing done, nobody fell off the roof, and the worst injury was to my backside: I managed to stab a nail into my leg by sitting on the plastic bag of roofing nails as I attempted to scoot along the roof. Hey, at least it was clean - brand new nails aren't rusty or dirty. I got a nice bruise out of the deal though!

Here's a wonderful image of The Reluctant Farmer, posing for the camera. Handsome guy, eh?

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  1. Anonymous8:22 pm

    Look at that guy!! What a worker! Nice that there is all this cooperative work going on at both homes!!

    Love, AC


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