03 July 2007


Just have to show off...

This is the first spindle of singles spun from the lovely blue roving. I will do up two of these, then ply them together to make yarn. I'll use my drop spindle to make up the rest of what I need for my other mitten, then probably spin up what is left of that roving to make ... something! Maybe it wants to be a hat that matches the mitts, or maybe it will be socks. Yarn will tell you what it wants to be, but you may have to wait awhile until you can hear it.

Before spinning up this blue, I did make up two bobbins worth of singles from a variety of fibres and then plyed them together - the resulting looks pretty weird because of the varying thicknesses and fibres in use, but it was a good experiment. The battery died on the camera, though, so I can't show you what it looks like.

I think I'm going to spin some more now!


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  2. Anonymous6:27 am

    If only I had known how much you liked that stuff, I would have sent a red/orange/yellow mix as well. Next visit !You are certainly gifted....and definitely determined to figure out how to work these contrptions. It looks lovely. I'm impressed

  3. Anonymous2:21 pm

    Happy belated birthday...


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