29 July 2007

Grid power

As of yesterday, we have grid power.

As of today, we have grid power as our battery backup, so no more generator!

The Reluctant Farmer has had to do a lot of research and try out several different configurations to get all this working, but we are good to go. As someone told me today, there's nothing quite so handsome as a capable man. :D

As much as I would prefer to be completely off the grid, at this point, our solar and not-yet-installed wind power is just not enough to power a reasonably comfortable life, especially with doubling the size of the house. Still, the power bills will be lower than they'd be otherwise, and should there be a lengthy power outage, we still have enough from the sun to cover the basics.



  1. Anonymous10:28 pm

    I agree!! YIPPEE!!!

    Love, AC

  2. Anonymous10:34 pm

    poooooower, mooooooooore pooooower, mwhahahaha


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