09 July 2007

Fibre Progress

Here's the yarn so far:
Left to right...
The first fibre experiment on the wheel (which is a mix of fibre types and as a result wildly weird in terms of thickness, etc)
The blue commercially prepared roving from my aunt
Southdown and Columbia and Hampshire fibre, spun in the grease then washed
Icelandic fibre, washed and then spun (the last two skeins are the same stuff, I had too much to make into one skein!)
I have Icelandic in-the-grease on the bobbins right now


  1. Anonymous4:15 am


    Love, AC

  2. Anonymous1:41 pm

    You must be spinning from dawn til dusk! You have a real job in your spare time as well! It all still makes me tired to think about. Wool looks fabulous. Nice to have a hobby that you love.


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