09 July 2007

Sheep pictures

Thought it might be time to post some new sheep pictures.

The Icelandics have finished their spring fleece shedding, and no longer look like they have mange. This is Brownie, the ewe who lost her lambs this spring. She's in nice condition and her fleece is coming in beautifully.

This is Coca Cola, one of Natalie's twin lambs (the last lambs we had born here this year, on Maundy Thursday). She has that one black ear, and the rest of her is white. I can't wait to try spinning her fleece, it is silky soft and has lovely crimp to it. Ahhh, fibre. I am hopelessly addicted.

And last but not least, Bruce the ram. We're hoping to get some lambs from him this year. Look at those massive horns! Neat, eh?

(Tonight's entertainment is listening to the dogs chase the coyotes. There was a coyote in the field next to us, and the dogs took off after it in a hurry! The sheep are just grazing away in the pasture, completely unconcerned. You can just hear their thoughts ... "Oh yeah, coyotes. Whatever, the dogs will look after them.")

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  1. Anonymous4:16 am

    What a pretty variety of sheep!!

    Love, AC


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