12 June 2012


Okay, the biggest fish *I* have ever caught.

I’ve only been fishing for about two years, but still, it was exciting.

My husband had to get the hook out of his mouth, and we needed to get the big guy back in the water quickly as he’d been out for much too long, so I didn’t take the time to pose with him.

But really, I did bring him in all by myself!

Jack are fun to catch. They’ll bite on an old fork if you toss it in the water, and they give you a good battle on the way in. Great entertainment.

I’m so glad my husband taught me how to fish and convinced me to take some time this afternoon to go out to the lake! He’s good for me, that man. I’m so lucky.


  1. And she fishes, too! lol Guess we'll add salmon fishing to the itinerary if you ever make it out to this coast... :)

  2. Too bad you had to throw him back. He looks worthy of a frying pan with butter.

  3. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Glad that husband gave you some interests outside gardening and knitting - a kayak would be my first choice on the water! The pastor I heard on Sunday is a fisherman - he used photos of fish and lures to preach the sermon!!
    Mom - oh the knitting and gardening are not bad either!

  4. I've never been able to eat fish (I have, as my aunt says, "a very bad reaction to that") ... but I like catching them. My family will eat it on occasion, but jack aren't particularly good eating so this guy went right back in the water.

    Trout, now, that's different. Doesn't even smell bad when you cook it. (Though it *is* best to cook it outside!)


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