01 June 2012

A Big Cool Awesome Thing Has Happened

My friend Colleen (Flannelberry) has been running an online yarn and fibre store for the past couple of years, a place called Flannelberry Fibre. Recently it became obvious that much as she loves the shop, it takes too much out of her life right now … she actually started talking about letting it go. When I heard her say she was thinking of moving away from the shop, I volunteered immediately to adopt it.

It’s the perfect partnership: Coleen’s already got a great business up and running, she just hasn’t got the time to make it really grow. Me, I have nothing but time … but I haven’t got the capital to get anything new up and running. Thus, we’ve become partners: I’ll take what she’s started and see that it flourishes, and together we’ll enjoy the fruits of our shared labours.

Thus, it gives me great happiness to announce the launch of Flannelberry Creek – the new joint venture of Flannelberry of Flannelberry Fibre and Frazzlehead of Apple Jack Creek.

Work on the new infrastructure has been underway for the past week and in the next week (or perhaps a bit less), the store should be up and running … complete with a sale to celebrate our grand opening!


  1. Wow, that's VERY exciting, Lonna, congratulations! I'll be watching for the Grand Opening!!

  2. whooooa so awesome!!!! congrats dear friend!!!!!

  3. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the "new" "store"! I've loved the products I've gotten from Flannelberry, and am looking forward to more. Can't wait for the big Grand opening!


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