15 June 2012

So pretty.

That’s 398 metres of gorgeous.

Bright polwarth plyed with black suri alpaca/mohair.

And I’m only halfway through the fibre!

I’m gonna go spin some more.


  1. It sounds so relaxing and pleasant to be able to sit and quietly spin some wool. I wonder if I should get out my spindle and try it again. My garden is also relaxing, but not in the same way.

    Or maybe it's just the way you write about your fibres that makes it so appealing. It looks gorgeous!

  2. I love digging in the garden, but spinning is relaxing in a whole different way.

    It's meditative and very ... still.

    Try the spindle again. And next time I see you I'll show you how to spin supported, it's even more restful. In the meantime keep an eye out for a pretty bead or two about 2 cm in size with a fairly small centre hole. We can make a cool spindle out of a bead like that. :)


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