13 June 2012

If it isn’t working, try something else

The online course that I created awhile back to teach people how to knit lace seemed like a great idea.

Until a student tried to register, and the whole thing went to pieces. It took multiple emails and several days to get things ironed out, and what I discovered is that the software I’d chosen to use wasn’t even ready for beta, not really.

So, if one strategy isn’t working, try something else.

I still had all the material, so today I’ve published Demystifying Lace Knitting: the basics as an eBook.

It’s essentially a step by step guided workbook that will take you through the very basics of lace knitting: making holes in your knitting on purpose, using decreases to balance your work, and a quick look at chart reading. You’ll knit a swatch and practice all the necessary stitches, then have a guided knit-along of the Dash of Colour shawl.

The pattern is included in the price of the course, so if you’ve always wanted to try lace knitting but been scared to try, maybe now’s the time to give it a go!

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