14 June 2012

More acts of fibery kindness

I got another amazing surprise package in the mail yesterday … this one all the way from Georgia (the one in the US, not the one across the ocean).

A member of the Support Spindler’s forum on Ravelry sent this awesome package to me: in the centre there is a really adorable little spindle that has a clock face for the whorl, and boy oh boy does it spin! I was able to start it spinning and take both hands off to work with the fibre, and it just keeps going! This is an amazing trick that I’d tried before, but never had success with … this little bamboo-skewer-and-clock-face spindle made it possible.

The gorgeous bright roving in the front is polwarth, and there’s blue merino, silk caps, and silk rovings – and I’ve just recently decided that I want to try spinning some silk thread for my mom to use as embellishment on her quilting projects, so perhaps I’ll be able to use some of this for that adventure. The little pink and purple rectangle in the back is a felted bag holding a little box of Japanese incense, which smells so beautiful. The sender didn’t know that I went to Japan on a youth exchange after high school and fell in love with the country … the smell of Japanese incense reminds me of being there. I burned some today and breathed deeply of the wonderful cleansing scent as I spun.

When I opened the box I felt like all the blessings and good wishes of the sender burst out into my house. I am now surrounded by her kind thoughts, and I feel so honoured and grateful and happy.

Today, I was in need of a bit of quiet time so I sat and filled that clock spindle with bright fibre, then plyed it with some of the black suri alpaca/mohair that my sister and brother in law gave me for my birthday last year. This is the result:

It’s even brighter in real life, it’s just gorgeous. I think it probably wants to be A Dash of Colour when it grows up.

What a wonderful surprise. It came just when I needed a bit of cheering up, and I feel so blessed and fortunate to be part of the fibre community.

I think I’m gonna go spin some more. Those bright colours just sing as they spin into yarn, it’s pure magic.

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  1. Yup, that yarn is all my favorite colors. I'll just send you my mailing address now.... :)


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