11 June 2012

Flannelberry Creek opens the doors to the world!

We’ve officially opened the doors at Flannelberry Creek.  Come on in and look around – there’s a lot to see!

We are still in the midst of sorting out inventory and unpacking boxes, and then there’s Fibre Week at Olds at the end of June, so orders won’t be shipped until the first week of July. But you’re more than welcome to come in and shop – there’s a Wish List feature so you can tag your favourites and come back to them later on, or if you’d like to order right away and get a surprise in the mail in July, go right ahead … use the coupon code CELEBRATE at the checkout to save 10% on your order.

Welcome to Flannelberry Creek … a fibre store in your mailbox!

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  1. Woo-hoo!! I'm SO happy for you -- hope it goes well for you!


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