30 May 2012

Night Shift

Bob and Mackenzie, the guardian dogs, work nights. They bark to let the coyotes know that this is their turf, and not to bother coming for a snack from their flock. We know the difference between the “two o’clock and all’s well” bark and the “hey, you, GET!” bark of active chase. Generally, we sleep through the barking unless there’s something really interesting going on out there. It’s nice to hear their voices letting us know that they are on duty and that nothing bad has happened outside.

During the day, Mac will usually take up a position somewhere on a hill where he can see the sheep (he seems to doze with one eye open), but Bob, the senior dog, will often go somewhere a bit further off for a good nap.

Today he curled up in a hole Mac had dug by the house (Mac has, in the past, excavated holes large enough for the cow to lie down in).

I love my dogs. They are so cool.

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