16 May 2012

Home made tortillas are easier than I thought

Tonight we had home made tortillas. It’s so easy, I just have to share.

I use the breadmaker though this could be done by hand. Since I have it though, well, why not?

Put about 1 cup of white flour and 1/2 cup of corn flour (or use all white, the corn flour isn’t necessary but it is nice) in the breadmaker and start the dough setting. As the little flipper goes around, pour in a couple tablespoons of oil and use a scraper to make sure the flour all gets oiled. Then pour in just enough sour milk, regular milk, or water to make a not-too-sticky-dough (if you put in too much, like I did tonight, just add more flour until it’s the right texture). Let the mixer do it’s thing and get the dough all into a good ball (or knead it by hand). Let it sit for about half an hour.

Make your taco fillings while this is all going on: I used ground turkey from our recent poultry purchase and an envelope of taco seasoning plus some grated cheese and salsa from the fridge, nothing fancy.

Divide up the ball of dough into rounds about the size of an egg then roll them out into tortillas and fry in a hot frying pan with a wee bit of oil: when there are bubbles visible, flip them, just like when you make pancakes. Stack the finished tortillas on a plate (or in a tortilla warmer, one of which happened to find it’s way to my house recently), and serve.

Voila: an easy dinner. And cheap, too: I am pretty sure that a cup and a bit of flour and a dash of oil costs a lot less than a package of premade tortilla shells (they go for at least $4 at my grocery store).


  1. Since switching to an almost wheat-free existence, I make them with Maseca flour (a fine corn flour) and water. Instead of rolling, because they just crack, I put a small ball in a plastic bag and squish it flat with my heaviest cast iron pan. Then fry in a dry hot skillet. Way better than the all-corn tortillas in the shops. And, as you say, cheaper too.

  2. Ah, squish don't roll. That makes sense.

    I did make all corn ones from ... whatever fine corn flour I bought, dunno what it is (Indian style I think). They were okay but they did crack, and they were a bit too ... I dunno, too strongly flavoured for what I was using them for. If I make them again though I will remember to try and just press them - I'd probably just squish flat on my flexible plastic cutting board, then use that to flop them into the frying pan.

  3. I personally wouldn't choose all-corn either but it agrees with me more. Wheat (or some wheat, at least) tastes lighter.


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