02 May 2012

Alpaca are adorable

In my email today are some pictures from the alpaca show we did a shearing-to-shawl demo at last month. My goodness, alpaca are adorable animals!
How could you not love that face, eh?

And here we are with the finished objects – the work of many hands besides ours, but we were the two who were still there when it all finished up, so we got to be the models.

I’m wearing the woven scarf: it has tufts of fleece tucked in at the ends which is why it looks so fuzzzy. My friend – our crochet expert – is modelling the stole which was knit in the round from a very long centre cast on, then had a newly invented crochet bind-off-border-combo attached to the outside edge. The alpaca standing with us were some of the best of show animals and they seemed happy to have their pictures taken with us!
A closer look at the shawl/stole:

And one more picture with the two finished objects and a cute alpaca:

Thanks to Connie Eidt from Northern Mystery Alpacas for the photos!


  1. They ARE adorable! .... oh, and the alpacas are pretty cute, too. ;-)

  2. They are the sweetest animals, really they are. Skittish, a lot of them, but these show animals were just so friendly! They let us take their leads and just stood there, waiting to have their pictures taken, like they knew exactly how beautiful they were. :)

  3. lovely items! can't wait to participate next year. :)


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