03 May 2012

Random Acts of Fibery Kindness

I got a wonderful surprise package in the mail today … all the way from the Isle of Anglesey, in Wales!
Awhile back, a Ravelry member from Wales had posted a picture of the lovely little glass you see there, saying she’d found four of them in her local thrift store and that they were perfect for supported spinning … and would anyone like one since four was more than she needed? I waited a bit and then raised my hand, as they are very pretty glasses, and I thought, hey, that could be cool – a glass all the way from Wales.
So, the parcel was packed up … and with it a bunch of other really fun things like chocolates, lovely hand cream from Marks & Spencer, and of course a big batch of fibre to pack the glass in so it didn’t break! There’s also a really neat wooden keychain which is the image of the bridge one crosses to get onto the island – and, conveniently enough, one portion of it measures 1”, which is a measurement used quite often in spinning to determine the thickness of your yarn (wraps per inch), so it’s actually a cool WPI gauge in disguise!
My bead spindle absolutely loves spinning in this pretty dish, which sits nicely in my lap as the stem of the glass settles between my legs and I can hold it steady while I spin. It’s light and delicate and lovely and I sat and spun up a bunch of yarn this afternoon, just to enjoy it..

And it even has a cute little bird dangling from the stem! Cool, eh?
A big thank you to my Ravelry friend in Wales! :)


  1. That was sweet of her to include the more personal items as well. And the fibre as packing material just makes perfect sense! Nice.

  2. Random Acts of Kindness of this sort are somewhat customary in the fibre world - sending a parcel to someone that you know (or someone you don't know!) with fibery presents in it. Most of us have things in our stash that we can spare (some of us have ... umm ... lots ...) and it's so much fun to share the joy!

    That spindle glass is so lovely, I'm really enjoying using it, and there's something extra special about knowing it was packaged up and sent to me by someone I've never met except online. It's like pen pals for fibre addicts!


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